We Are Transforming and Personalizing the Treatment of Abnormal Heart Rhythms

The Problem With AFib

Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) is the most common cardiac arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm). Over time, it causes damage to the tissue in the left atrium of the heart. AFib increases the risk of stroke and heart failure.

50% Success Is Not Enough

Currently, doctors only have about a 50%¹ chance of success in treating AFib in their patients using current ablation techniques (ablation is an AFib treatment designed to eliminate electrical signals that trigger abnormal heart rhythms).

¹Ganesan, et al., J Am Heart Assoc.2013; 2: e004549

Why Only 50%?

Doctors simply do not have enough information about the extent and location of tissue damage in their patients’ hearts before treatment.

Superior Treatment Planning Through Merisight

Utilizing non-invasive MRI, Marrek's proprietary technology service (Merisight) tells doctors where their patients’ tissue damage is located in the heart as well as the extent of damage.

Driving Better Outcomes

Merisight empowers doctors to personalize medicine and select optimal treatments for their atrial fibrillation patients by providing information not previously available.

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Personalizing Plans

Patients with less heart tissue damage have better ablation success. This information can be obtained before an ablation using our proprietary technology.


A groundbreaking study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that:

1. Patients with low amounts of tissue damage in the left atrium have better ablation success.

2. Further analysis revealed that patients with more tissue damage in the left atrium uncovered by ablation had worse outcomes.

Read the study here

How Merisight Works

1. Acquire Cardiac MRI

Cardiac MRI is a standard for soft tissue imaging. Merisight provides optimized sequences and protocol training to obtain the highest quality images.

2. Share MRI on Secure, Integrated Platform

Data protection is a priority. Utilizing an integrated, easy-to-use interface, the image study is securely shared with Merisight.

3. Merisight Processes Image

Merisight’s team of trained experts use innovative technology to process and quantify the amount of heart tissue damage.

4. Easily Access Results

Results are available for physicians to review, as part of a comprehensive decision-making process, and provide a personalized treatment approach.

Beyond the Image

Supplying doctors with valuable information regarding the extent of left atrium tissue damage in their patients is only the beginning. At Merisight, we also provide them with services that increase their opportunity to provide better care and build a stronger AFib program:

Works with Existing Ablation Mapping Systems

Analyze Post-Ablation "Scar Maps" to Determine Where Ablation Took Place

Customer Support & Annual Maintenance

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